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Strip Crowns

When the front teeth of young children are affected with cavities these strip crowns are used to bring the smile back on the child’s face.

These strip crowns improves the self image of the child by bringing the broken down front tooth to its original form.

Strip Crowns - Faqs

What are Strip Crowns?

Strip crowns are a plastic mould which is used in the restoration of front teeth. Strip crowns are best used for its esthetic purposes in children

How are they used?

After the decay is removed from the teeth, these strip crowns are packed with composite filling material and then placed on the tooth, cured and removed leaving an artificial tooth structure.

Will these crowns fall?

Yes. These crowns will fall only when the tooth sheds. The crown might fracture if the child hits on a hard object or had a fall.

How does it improve my child's smile?

These crowns give a perfect esthetic smile and appearance to children. They improve the self esteem within them especially if the child goes to school or pre-school.

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