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Root Canal Treatment or Pulp Therapy

What is Root Canal treatment?

Root canal treatment/Pulp therapy is a procedure where the pulp tissue(nerves and blood vessels) in the center of the tooth will be either partially or completely removed, cleaned and filled with a iodoform based material.

When the child needs a pulp therapy?

Your child may need pulp therapy if he/she has

  • Tooth pain for no apparent reason( nocturnal pain)
  • A tooth that is sensitive to temperature changes(hot or cold)
  • A broken or fractured tooth

What are its symptoms?

The child will complain of pain especially during night time. Other symptoms are swelling of the cheek, gum boil, infection or pus discharge, frequent episodes of fever, discolouration of the tooth

Is a local anesthesia or injection required?

Giving a local anesthesia depends on the tooth condition whether if the tooth is vital or non-vital.

Do we need to place a crown or cap?

Yes. Once the root canal is cleaned and filled, a stainless steel crown must be placed to prevent the tooth from breaking.

Does a Root Canal treatment in permanent teeth differ from that of the milk teeth?

Yes. Root Canal treatment will differ with the permanent and baby tooth. The procedure and the materials used will be entirely different.

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