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Early Childhood Caries

What is Early Childhood Caries?

It is a severe form of tooth decay (cavity) affecting very young children and infants.

What causes Early Childhood Caries?

It is associated with night time feeding practices, poor dietary habits and improper oral hygiene practices

Does it affect multiple teeth?

Yes. It spreads to multiple teeth in a short span of time and affects multiple teeth. Many times by 2-3 years of age, almost 10-14 teeth are affected (among the 20 milk teeth)

Is it treatable?

Yes it is completely treatable. The earlier we treat, we can preserve all the teeth and protect them. Delayed treatment may lead to removal of some teeth occasionally.

Why General Anesthesia?

Very young children do not cooperate for dental treatment on the dental chair. The dental procedures are very technique sensitive. Hence to provide the highest quality care, we may need general anesthesia to complete the procedure in one visit.

Does all children need general anesthesia?

No. It depends on the child's age and the extent of dental treatment needed.

Will the treatment improve the child's eating and brushing?

Yes. It will drastically improve the child's intake of food. Child will chew the food better than before and can brush the teeth without any difficulty.

Will there be any further decay in future?

There can be. But with routine dental visits once in 3-6 months and strictly following the dentist advice, we can prevent the occurrence of decay in the future.

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