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Stainless Steel Crowns

Most often cavities on kids teeth affects the joint between two teeth (contact areas) and many times cavities affect multiple surfaces of the same teeth. In these areas generally the fillings fail very often. Hence a more durable, ready made preformed metal (Stainless Steel) crown is widely used in Pediatric Dentistry. They are generally as good as their original teeth except for the color. Extensive research has time and again proven stainless steel crowns were the most durable restorations compared to any other permanent filling material available. Anterior stainless steel crowns are used to build extensively broken down front teeth.

Stainless Steel Crowns - Faqs

What are stainless steel crowns?

Stainless Steel crowns are readymade metal caps that are placed for the molars. Stainless Steel crowns are one of the best in Pediatric Dentistry which preserves the milk tooth till it falls.

Is there any tooth coloured caps for molars?

No. There are no tooth coloured crowns for children. Tooth coloured crowns or ceramic crowns are used only for adults and should not be given in children

Why do we put a Cap, why not just a filling?

Ideally, if the tooth is affected by dental caries in multiple surfaces, we must put a crown rather than a filling since the filling will not long for last

Will these crowns fall?

Yes. These crowns will fall along with the tooth when the tooth sheds.

Will it have any effect on the child?

Yes. The child might start to chew and eat the food much better than before. A drastic improvement in the food habits and diet intake is noticed.

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