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Teeth Alignment – Orthodontics

Tooth Colored Braces

Teeth alignment is generally performed by specialists dentists called Orthodontists. Children can have metal as well as ceramic (tooth colored braces) at Pedoplanet.
Teeth alignment are broadly categorized to two types.

  1. Early Orthodontic Treatment or Phase 1 treatment - This is generally needed for children who have disproportionate jaws; ie; one jaw is growing faster than the other. For these children teeth alignment takes place in two phases: Early Treatment between 9-12 yrs of age and Late Orthodontic Treatment or Phase 2 between 11-14 years. These children need both the phases of treatment
  2. Late Orthodontic Treatment or Phase 2 treatment - This is the routine braces treatment carried out once all the permanent teeth have come into the mouth. This may take place usually between 11-14 years (ideal age). During this phase of treatment, removal of certain (1-4) permanent teeth may be necessary. Some patients who have spaces between the teeth may complete this phase of treatment without removal of any permanent teeth.
  3. Invisalign, Lingual Orthodontics are practiced at Pedo Planet. It has specific indications and contraindications. Not all children go through these process and also correcting severe malalignments may not be possible with these methods. Discuss with your Orthodontist the right use of these techniques

  4. Teeth Alignment – Orthodontics FAQs

    What is the Orthodontics in children?

    Alignment of teeth and the correction of jaws can be done in children between 8 – 14 years.

    When is the right age to think about alignment of teeth and the jaw correction?

    Teeth alignment usually will be done around 12 years, once all the permanent teeth have erupted. In case of jaw correction, the child should be consulted between 6-10yrs in order to prevent surgery later.

    What is the treatment phase?

    There are two treatment phase. The early orthodontic phase or Phase I will be done to correct the jaw position between 6-10 years. The late orthodontic phase or Phase II will be done after 12 years which includes only the alignment of teeth.

    How long will the treatment go?

    Some children may need early treatment while some children can wait till they are an adolescent. The treatment phase might take 11/2 -2 years. Once the treatment phase is over the child will be put on retainers for 6 months to 1 year to retain the tooth in its new aligned position

    Will there be any removal of teeth during the treatment phase?

    Yes, sometimes. It depends on the condition and severity in the alignment of teeth.

    Will there be any pain or discomfort during the treatment?

    Yes, sometimes the child might feel discomfort. This happens when the teeth are moving actively during the alignment. But can be controlled by medications

    Are there any diet restrictions?

    Yes. The child will be asked not to bite anything hard, bony or sticky consistency. Proper brushing and use of mouth rinses should be done.

    What is surgical orthodontics?

    In children above 17 years of age, the correction of jaws and facial profile can be done only by Orthognatic surgery under general anesthesia. Young adolescents with severe protruded, intruded and deviated jaws can be corrected.

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